Reinstall Office 365

This is a comprehensive guide on the reinstallation of Office 365. You will get all the information that is needed for the Reinstall Office 365 process. Make sure you go through the complete article and follow the mentioned process carefully to avoid errors. 

Reinstall Office 365

Office 365 Specialize In

Office 365 is a full package of premium Office apps with enhanced features. Purchasing the Office 365 subscription, you can control or organize all your emails, calendars, and files from multiple devices. There are several functions that you can perform after purchasing Office 365. These functions are:

  • Get 1TB of cloud storage to keep your data secure.
  • Advanced security with easy backups, personal vaults, fingerprint protection, and two-factor authentication.
  • You can create creative documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with built-in designer and editing tools.
  • Share one content with multiple persons just with an internet connection.
  • Get access to the updated version of Office applications. 
  • Share one Office 365 Home subscription to up to five individuals. 

Why Do You Need To Reinstall Office 365?

Reinstall Office 365 is to remove the installed application and download and install a new one. There can be several reasons why you need to reinstall the app. In case your application is not working properly, you are recommended to reinstall the application. Also, if your app gets stuck while working, you are unable to create spreadsheets in Excel, getting “Application Not Responding” error continuously, unable to access all the features, etc. you can reinstall the application and resolve the error. 

Process for Reinstalling Office 365

For the Reinstall Office 365 procedure, you first have to uninstall the Office application that is priorly installed in your system. Once the uninstallation process gets completed, you can install the application again. For installation, you must have the downloaded setup file of Office 365. In case you don’t have the file, then you can download it from your Office account. For this, locate and click the browsers icon. Then, in the address bar, type “ press the Enter key. Afterwards, provide your registered Office login credentials and access your account successfully. In your Office account, you will find your purchased subscription and besides that, you will get the download link. Locate and click the download link. Wait until the file gets downloaded successfully. 

Now, double-click the setup file of Office 365. Press the “Run” tab when you will be asked to permit the setup file to run on your system. Thereafter, when the user account control popup will prompt on your screen, select the “Yes” option to proceed further. Once you are done with granting the permission, the installation process will begin automatically. Wait until the Office 365 installation gets completed. Finally, press “Close” to conclude the process when you get the completion message on your screen. If required, then you can activate your Office 365 subscription with the help of the product key that you have received at the time of Office 365 purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I uninstall Office application from my computing system?

Ans. Reinstall Office 365 requires you to uninstall the Office application that is currently installed on your device. For uninstalling the Office application, follow the process mentioned below. 

Uninstall in Windows:

Click Start> Control Panel> Programs and Features. You will now get the list of all the applications installed on your system. From the list, locate and right-click the Office application. Now, select the “Uninstall” option. 

Uninstall in Mac: 

Open Finder on your Mac device. Search and select the Applications folder. In the folder, look for the Office 365 files and select all the files you find. After selecting, move the files to the trash. Then, navigate to your trash and delete all the files from there also. 

Q2. How to conduct the activation process after reinstalling Office 365?

Ans. After the reinstall Office 365 process, you might require to activate your subscription to enjoy all the premium benefits offered by the Office. For this, you just need to have your product key. Make sure that you use the product key that you have received at the time of purchasing the subscription. You can easily find the key in your Office Account which is linked with Office or you can also find it in the purchase confirmation mail. Once you get the product key, you have to:

  1. Enter “” URL in the address bar and reach the activation window. 
  2. Sign in to your Office account with registered credentials. 
  3. Enter the product key in the empty field.
  4. Select “Country” and “Language”.
  5. Press “Next”.

This will successfully complete the activation and reinstall Office 365 process.